Stuck Ignition Key


Whether your key turns your ignition with difficulty or not at all, our experienced locksmiths can diagnose and fix your ignition cylinder problem for much less than the dealership or auto repair shop. We can rebuild or replace ignitions in almost any domestic vehicle without the need for a new key. Like all of our services, ignition repair is done at your car wherever you are and usually, is completed in less than one hour.

Ignition Rekey


If your vehicle's security is at risk for whatever reason and someone has a key to your vehicle who shouldn't, we can rekey many ignitions. This will prevent anyone who doesn't have the new key from taking the vehicle. On some vehicles with transponder based systems we can achieve the same result with a simple programming procedure and no physical ignition work. If you find yourself in this situation, please call us at 612-338-9999 today.